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Ordering Online

Order Business Cards, Letters, and Envelopes

For All Other Orders

Please have the following ready when placing your order:


  • Due date (if applicable)
  • UPM # (formerly referred to as the GAS #)
  • Departmental account information
  • Order description (title, physical description, relevant details)
  • Customer contact information
  • Order recipient information (if different from the customer information)
  • Proofing information (if different from customer/recipient information)
  • Delivery or pick up information
  • Order specifics (# of copies, # of pages, paper size/weight/color, binding, etc.)
  • Any files to be attached


  • Estimate # (if applicable)
  • PUB # (some jobs require a Publication Authorization Number)
  • Old job # (only for reprints with no changes)
  • Special instructions

Proofs are not free. If a proof is requested, it will be charged to the print order as an extra copy. Please be aware of this when placing wide format or student portfolio orders.

Wide Format orders (banners, posters, rigid signs) are not considered Quick Copy orders due to the time required for printing and finishing. All banners, posters, color print orders, orders, and orders requiring finish work (folding, binding, hole punching other than standard 3-hole, etc.) will be directed to our main shop (Stephenson Dr.), regardless of the selected copy center.

This should not affect order completions, but we ask that you keep this in mind when selecting your due dates. You may request to pick an order up in any copy center or have it delivered to any on campus location.

If you have any questions regarding the order process, or the preferred file layouts, or file types, please contact University Printing order entry staff at 865-974-4416.