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Mail Services

Mail Services is committed to moving mail and packages quickly and efficiently around the university. As subject matter experts on all things related to mail and shipping, Mail Services strives to keep the university community informed of best practices for sending mail and packages and minimizing overall postage and shipping costs for various types of mail and packages. The staff at Mail Services is very knowledgeable about US Postal Service regulations, rates, services, and operations. For information, assistance, or advice on how to save on postage costs or other mail matters, please call 865-974-6462.

Central Receiving

Beginning January 6, 2020, Mail Services will manage central receiving at the University of Tennessee and is responsible for the delivery and collection of all incoming and outgoing mail and packages for faculty, staff, and students, such as:

  • US Postal Service mail and First Class, Priority, and Priority Express packages
  • UPS Overnight and Ground packages
  • FedEx Express and Ground packages
  • DHL international packages
  • Intracampus mail and packages

There are two exceptions to central receiving:

  • UPS or FedEx next-day packages requiring delivery by 8 a.m. will be delivered directly by the respective carrier.
  • Freight shipments, Staples office deliveries, and food service deliveries will continue to be delivered directly to departments.
Frequently Asked Questions

Outgoing Mail and Package Preparation

All outgoing US mail should be placed without stamps in a designated office area for collection with campus mail, or in one of the drop boxes located around campus. The mail must be banded and identified with an “Instruction to Mail Room” form. For a supply of these forms, ask your campus mail carrier or call 865-974-5408.

All outgoing USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL packages should also be staged at the outgoing mail area in the department. Mail Services will pick up any outgoing packages prelabeled with a shipping label for pickup by the respective carriers at Mail Services central receiving at 2021 Stephenson Drive.

Outgoing packages that require USPS, FedEx, or UPS processing by Mail Services must have an “Instruction to Mail Room” form attached to each package (or group of packages if multiple packages are being sent to the same location). Small outgoing packages can also be dropped at one of the drop boxes located around campus.

You can request a supply of the “Instruction to Mail Room” forms from your mail carrier, or by calling 865-974-5408 or by emailing

When addressing intracampus mail or packages ONLY, include the name, department name, and four-digit departmental mail code on the face of the envelope or package. This information aids in the speed and accuracy of campus delivery. A list of departments and their four-digit codes are listed in the faculty/staff directory.

NOTE: The four-digit departmental mail code should not be used in the +4 area of the ZIP code for incoming delivery of mail and packages. It is only for use on intracampus mail and packages.

US Mail Services and Classes

The US Postal Service has announced new prices for 2020, effective January 26. For the most up-to-date information, visit the USPS website.

  • Expedited: Priority Express Mail
  • First-Class Mail: Consisting of handwritten and typewritten messages, bills, and statements of account, postcards, checks and other payments, and business reply mail.
  • Standard: Consisting of circular, booklets, catalogs, and other printed materials not otherwise required as first class mail, merchandise, farm and factory products, photographs, keys, printed drawings, parcel post, and library materials. The rates for each class and the types of movement vary considerably. University Mail Services staff members have been trained to advise customers in selecting the most expeditious and economical method of moving mail. Call 865-974-6462 for assistance.
  • Media Mail: Generally used for books (at least eight pages), film, printed music, printed test materials, sound recordings, play scripts, printed education charts, loose-leaf pages and binders consisting of medical information, and computer-readable media.
  • Library Mail: Used by qualifying institutions like libraries, universities, zoos, and research institutions to mail educational and research material.

UPS and FedEx Package Preparation

Packages can be sent by UPS and FedEx and have shipping labels created through Mail Services if needed, and packages are automatically insured. When filling out the “Instruction to Mail Room” form be sure to note the amount of insurance needed and also record the address on the back of the form. Call Mail Services for rates and other details at 865-974-6462 or 865-974-5408.

Overnight and 2nd-Day Service Standards

Courier Delivery Specifications
FedEx Priority Delivery by 10:30 a.m. next business day.
FedEx Standard Overnight Delivery by 3 p.m. next business day.
FedEx Economy Delivery by 4:30 p.m. second business afternoon—minimum one pound.
UPS Next-Day Air Delivery times vary, consult Mail Services for delivery commitment.
UPS Second-Day Air Delivery times vary, consult Mail Services for delivery commitment.
US Postal Service Express Delivery by 5 p.m. next day.

Mail Pickup and Delivery

Mail Services has five routes, each consisting of a morning and evening delivery. Drop boxes have been placed on campus at specific locations, and new drop boxes are replacing most of the existing FedEx and UPS drop boxes. Collections are made from these boxes between the hours of 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. These mail boxes are located at:

  • Circle Drive near Ayres Hall
  • Circle Park Drive in front of the Student Services Building
  • Andy Holt Tower garage level
  • McClung Tower
  • Perkins Hall
  • Outside Student Union at the VolShop entrance

Should you miss the collection time at a drop box and need to ship an urgent package, please call Mail Services at 865-974-5408 or email to schedule a pickup—you can also drop a package off at Mail Services at 2021 Stephenson Drive.

Mail Statement Retrieval

Mail Services has purchased new postage machines and an accounting system to become compliant with digital metering required by the US Postal Service. Due to changes, your current procedure for retrieving monthly statements will no longer work. Click below to find a detailed description on how to retrieve your statements. If you have any questions, please call 865-974-6462.


To access monthly mail charges from DF Works:

    1. Navigate to the DF Works portal.
    2. *It may be necessary to connect through UT’s Pulse Secure VPN. Instructions can be found on the OIT Knowledge Base.

    3. Log in with the username and password emailed to you from Mail Services
    4. Click on “Postage Accounting” in the menu on the left of the screen
    5. Click “Reports”, then “Base”, then “Account”
    6. Enter the desired Account Information and search dates
    7. Select the “Summary” button for charge overview or “Mailrun” for complete transaction details
    8. Click “View” to view the report

If you have any questions, call 865-974-6462.

Bulk Mail

When placing an order, please submit all contact information and mailing lists to Mailing lists must be sent as Excel files with the .csv file extension. A .csv file is a comma-separated value spreadsheet. The mailing list should be organized in the .csv spreadsheet as follows:

Title First Name Last Name Address City State Zip Code
Mr. John Doe 2021 Stephenson Dr. Knoxville TN 37996
Ms. Jane Doe 2021 Stephenson Dr. Knoxville TN 37996

Contact Mail Services at 865-974-6462 with any questions regarding mailing lists.