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Passport Services

UT Passport Services is now open and providing passport application services. If you have questions, please email


Schedule Appointment
Call 865-974-7960 to schedule appointment.
Walk-ins will be served as scheduled appointments allow.


Paid visitor parking is available at the Volunteer Hall garage located on White Avenue behind the College of Law.

To Get a Passport:

  1. Applicants for US passport must be US citizens.
  2. All applicants must appear in person.
  3. Both parents must appear for minors under the age of sixteen (16). If one parent is unable to appear, a notarized letter of consent or other legal documents must be presented at the time of applying. View information on minors.
  4. Applicants age sixteen (16) and over must personally sign their passport application.

Documents Required

These requirements pertain to applicants age 16 and older. View information on minors.

Proof of Citizenship

  • A certified birth certificate from the country or state in which you were born, birth certificate must have a raised, embossed, impressed or multi colored seal, and list both parents. (Hospital certificates and photocopies are not acceptable).
  • A naturalization certificate
  • A certificate of citizenship
  • A full term, non-limited US Passport book or card (undamaged)

Proof of Identity

  • A valid state or federally issued picture ID such as driver’s license, ID card, military ID, passport book or card.

DS-11 Form Options (Application for a US Passport)

A completed passport application (form DS-11) for both first time and renewal in-person applicants. This form is available in the Passport Services office or at the US Department of State website. Complete this form online and bring it with you to save time.

  • The only application Passport Services office can process is the form DS-11.
  • If you are printing the DS-11 at home, make sure the form prints on two separate pages—not front and back.
  • If you are eligible to renew through the mail (using the form DS-82, confirm eligibility and follow the US Department of State website to submit the application on your own. Passport Services cannot mail this form for you.

Passport Photo

You may bring a photo (US Passport size: 51mm x 51mm/2″ x 2″) or Passport Services can take one for you ($10).


There are two (2) separate payments—application fee and execution fee—as well as an optional photo fee.

  • Passport Application fee

    Fees vary
    Must be paid with a check or money order. Make check or money order payable to the US Department of State. Money orders are available at the campus Post Office located in the Student Union, Suite 161B.

  • Execution (acceptance) fee

    Must be paid with exact cash or money order. Make money order payable to the University of Tennessee.

  • Optional Photo fee

    If you choose to use Passport Services to take the photo, the payment can be made with exact cash or money order. Make money order payable to the University of Tennessee.

Processing Time

Routine Processing: Routine processing currently takes approximately 10-12 weeks from application date.

Expedited Processing: Expedited processing takes approximately 4-6 weeks from application date. Additional fees apply.

If you need your passport in less than 2 weeks, visit the  US Department of State website.

Frequently Asked Questions