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UT Package Lockers FAQ

All flat mail and packages transported via major carriers (i.e., USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Amazon) are received by central receiving at UT Mail Services. UT Mail Services scans, sorts, and redistributes these items to departments and students, which reduces commercial traffic, increases pedestrian safety, and provides a sole source unit for package tracking.

Absolutely! You will receive an email from UTK Mail Room (and text message if you opt-in) informing you of a package pickup at one of three package locker locations accessible 24/7. Student mail can be retrieved from your mailbox in your assigned residence hall.

Although you may receive a delivery notification from one of these providers, your package will not be available for pick-up until you receive a notification from the UTK Mail Room. Visit the UT Mail Services tracking system to track the delivery status of your package.

Contact UT Mail Services with the correct delivery information, and we will attempt to correct the it upon receiving the package.

No problem. Simply contact UT Mail Services and provide us with your information, and we’ll place a temporary hold on your shipment. See our Package Retention Policy for more details.

Unfortunately, the three package locker locations are for on-campus residential students only. Please be sure to update your new shipping address for future deliveries.

All packages received by 1 p.m. will be available for pickup at one of the three package locker locations on the same day. Packages received after 1 p.m. will be available for pickup the next morning.

All student packages must be delivered to one of the package locker locations, or, in the case of oversized packages, medications, etc., packages will be delivered to the student’s residence hall.

Our package training software receives a daily data feed from UT Housing with all students assigned by residence hall. Each residence hall is assigned to a specific package locker location, so even if you move to a different residence hall, we’ll still be able to identify you in the system.

If you are unsure of your designated locker location, you can find it here.


Any packages received for a student that no longer lives on campus will be returned to the sender.

No. UT Mail Services does not have a process in place to properly refrigerate or store food related items.

Of course! Once received by the carrier, UT Mail Services will deliver packages directly to the locker locations on Saturday. Available pickup times on Saturdays depending on when UT Mail Services receives carrier deliveries.

Any oversized or irregular-shaped packages that cannot fit in a locker unit will be delivered to the student’s residence hall. University Housing staff has access to the same package tracking software to notify students when they have a package to pick up.

You can contact UT Mail Services at (865) 974-6245 or and someone will be able to assist you from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Calls and emails received after 6 p.m. will be addressed the next business day.

You will receive a confirmation email with a QR code and PIN for each package you receive. Follow the instructions on the Smart Locker Kiosk using each confirmation email you received.

Students with a disability can still retrieve packages from the lockers if they have registered with Student Disability Services (SDS) and given SDS permission to notify UT Mail Services. Packages will be placed in a locker that is accessible to the student. If the disability is such that a student cannot retrieve a package from a locker, contact UT Mail Services at (865) 974-6245.

All students living in residence halls will have 24/7 access to locker locations and can use their VolCard or mobile ID at the card readers to gain access from the exterior of the building. View a map of package locker locations at

UT Mail Services will contact you to determine if you wish to accept or reject the package.

Yes, if you provide enough notice and the proper forwarding address, UT Mail Services will attempt to forward the package. Otherwise, we can hold it if you will return for the spring semester, provided you have contacted UT Mail Services.